Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What No One Ever Told Me about Post-Partum pt1

[Disclaimer: I do not have PPD. I am good. I love being a mom. I'm aware just how lucky I am. Really.]

As soon as my son was born people were already clamoring for him to have a brother or sister. And while I don't blame them (he's so cute!!) this is my letter to myself about all the things I hate about post-partum life. In fact it's much worse than the dreaded third trimester. I'm not writing this to complain, but because NOBODY told me this. And I feel like I need to say something.

So here's part 1.


I know you're thinking, um DUH, your body just created a bagel sized opening where there was none before and pushed a HUMAN BEING out of yourself. Of course you're going to hurt. But I was still not prepared for the post-partum pain, especially not lasting as long as it did.

I suppose my first clue should have been when the local anesthesia wore off and I could still feel the midwife stitching me back together. Needle going in and out, in and out...does it normally take this long? Now every movement for the next 6 weeks is a reminder of the carnage down there or an anxiety-inducing "ohmygoodness did I just pull or rip a stitch?" moment. I expected this for maybe a week or two. But no. (and fun fact, 8 weeks out and I'm still having not-so-fun follow-up appts at the doctor).

Getting in and out of the bed, scooting to sit up when being roused by a screaming hungry baby, trying to lift myself off of the couch - these things are near impossible with low back and tailbone pain. Like burst-into-tears, I-guess-I'll-just-live-here-now-because-I-can't-move thoughts. Weighing the worth of sitting in that chair or getting in te rAnd I didn't even break my tailbone like many women do! My low back is still quite angry, making that handy-dandy Ergo that distributes baby's weight equally on the shoulders and low back a no-go. So much for baby wearing. Now everything is done one-handed (or not at all).

Joint pain. What the heck! After having my fingers and feet swell to the size of sausages during my 3rd trimester, I did not expect my knuckles to be like little grapes in the middle of my hands post-partum. But ow did my hands hurt those first few weeks!

Muscles. Unless you're used to carrying around a sack of limp and wiggly sack of potatoes all day and all night, clutching it to your chest and bouncing for what feels like hours, your probably going to use muscles you haven't in a while. I expected this, but I don't think this list is complete without a mention of it.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap!

I just love recaps :)

January - Our roommate of almost a year moved out, but it didn't mean that our home was empty! We had many days of food and friends filling our home - something that we both love very much!

February - Foot pain came back, breaking whatever hopes of "back to exercising!" 2016 may have offered. Good thing I don't really believe too much in resolutions!

March - Always one of my favorite months! Spring break, birthday, nice(r) weather, Easter! This year was no exception! J was out of town shooting a beautiful destination wedding but my bffs rallied around me for dinner, surprise chocolate cake, and lunch on the Square. My foot somewhat got itself together and I began to get back into my yoga practice. We took advantage of the nice weather to hang out with friends, and when weather was rainy, desserts and cocktails! We also got to add some of the most beautiful paintings to our home, thanks to our talented friends!


April - Lots of driving in April! We drove to Houston to spend time with family, I drove to Austin to see the Cobb family, we enjoyed a visit from Kevin (from California on his way to Spain) and we discovered Whiskey Hollow Distillery. I drove to Dallas to beg for tickets to see Penny and Sparrow, I got it and they were definitely one of the Top 5 moments of 2016! :)


May - Poor Maya broke her other knee due to another squirrel-chasing incident. Unfortunately, she was one of the one-in-a-million cases whose bone broke after the surgery, so her recovery process was much more arduous than anticipated.

June - Ahh, summer. Time to relax, eat berries, and catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while. We sold our first car we ever bought together, my friend had a baby, we had some fun outdoor dates, and of course there was time at the pool. The best summer moment came from my first tattoo -- something I had been hoping for for 8 years! Another Top 5 moment right here!

July - brought much of the same summer love as well as the beginning of our Mexico vacation, to Mexico City and Tequisquiapan. We went to several vineyards, did some tours and learned about how they made the wine, and we even got to squish grapes with our feet! Another Top 5 moment for sure! 

August - Another baby born to the framily, another school year began, another year of watching the Olympics, and after a summer of treatment, my foot was finally almost healed!

September - A stress fracture in my foot didn't slow me down on our fantastic beach vacation! We celebrated Mexican Independence Day, napped and rested, drank and ate to our all-inclusive hearts content and woke up early to swim with the fish. Of course, another Top 5 moment! My heart comes alive when I'm at the beach - we love you Cancun!

October - Brought the best moment of the year - we're pregnant! And the hardest month so far - first trimester drama! There was not much fun happening, not much socialization, and a whole lotta vomit. We went to Houston to tell the family and that was fantastic.

November - A very very hard month. I won't make you cry again with the details but we had to put our sweet pup down, on Js birthday. More first trimester drama, I lost a lot of weight because I couldn't eat anything. We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, which is a speechless moment. We also got to have a little getaway to San Antonio, which we love!

December - Finally getting out of the first trimester, little one is growing and so is my belly! I got to see Brian Regan in Houston, and family came up for Christmas to start some new traditions. 

Looking back on the year when a lot of bad things happened in the world, a lot of good happened in our little microcosm. And God is always good. We know that next year is going to be VEEEEERY eventful and very different - so we're enjoying these travels, date nights, and restful days right now while we can!

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